Liebster Awards Nomination

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My top 5 artists

Ok so I am long over due with this list. If I was getting graded for this I would get negative  billion or something. These are my go to artists. We can talk about their personalities, fashion sense , musicality and what they stand for in general for the rest of my life. That is how much I love them. Some of them are new solo artists and some are coming back with new music. Without further ado and in no particular order.

1. SZA

She just has the most amazing voice so dreamy and alluring. I just love how she says something so true and so deep in just one simple phrase. “I only move for the gut punch”, this line is so rich with meaning I get something new from it every time I Listen to  her song Bed my favourite by the way followed by Drew Barrymore. Also check out her anticipated album Ctrl, last time I checked the song Broken clocks was out on iTunes. She is such a poet. I hate how people want to categorize her music as R&B and Soul. Her music doesn’t fit into a box so stop trying to draw one.

2. Princess Nokia

This lady here is my ultimate girl crush. She is everything I want to become as a person. She just embodies feminism like second nature without pretence that makes me cringe. Her art is so authentic and so original. She said that it is easier to be pretty, so she takes everything that is considered ugly and makes it beautiful…swoon. I have never been to New York , but I can tell you right now how it feels and sounds like just from listening to her album 1992. Also for Christmas I would like Santa to please give me her vocabulary. I am just flawed every time she opens her mouth to speak.

3 Minzy

My dancing queen Gong Minzy. I love how she loves to dance to Missy Elliot`s songs. She has recently debuted her solo album Uno. I really love ING, I was hoping for more of that kind of genre direction. I don’t like calling artists the next anything, but I would like to see her going towards the older version of usher and Justin timbalake kind of vibe dancing and all. She is the only one I trust to hold it down for the girls. Shout out to POS you guys have been phenomenal with your support for my queen.

4. Shekinah

 Shekhinah Donnell is the best thing ever to come out from Idols SA and you can fight me on that one and I don’t know how to fight. She deserves international recognition. A rare gem.  I feel proud that I can finally name a South African artist that I like no shade intended. Her new song On it has been on replay for 3 days someone needs to help me.

5. Winner

I don’t even know where to begin or how to address them. My babies, my daddies, my oppas. They have comeback with their album Fate Number Four with two songs Really Really and Fool. I like them both but fool really touches my heart. Kang Seungyoon has cemented his song writing capabilities, not that he had to. He really knows how to make every individual colour of each member shine. Incles you are amazing. Lets cross our fingers and hope to God that this time we get all the songs from this album series. We are watching you YG. P.S I hate how whenever I search for Winner all kinds of winners come up, I just wanted to rant that out.